My Story:

Finding My Passion

My name is Kristina Koslosky. While pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration and my Bachelor of Science at UW-Whitewater, I began to dabble with websites and social media. Following graduation, I served as a Business Development Coordinator, coached a team of marketing interns, and worked with a marketing agency to rebrand the company. After recognizing my passion, I resigned from my full-time salaried position to return for my Masters of Business Administration. After 5+ years of digital marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs, I pursued my own entrepreneurial dream and founded Kreative Solutions LLC in January 2017.

Identifying My Business Model

In the beginning, Kreative Solutions focused on website designs and digital marketing. Through various experiences, I found that starting with a website design was the key to project success. Before you start marketing online or offline, it is crucial to ensure a solid foundation. From that point on, my business model revolved around a website design or redesign. That’s why Kreative Solutions will only onboard a new client when they need a website design or redesign.

Customizing Service Portfolio to Fit Client’s Needs

Over the years, based on client demand, my service offering has expanded beyond websites and digital marketing to include branding, graphic design, and consulting. Through these experiences, I realized the best moments of my day were spent designing! Not only did I enjoy work even more, but also many of my clients needed and appreciated the additional support.

Balancing Projects & Routine Marketing

As the business grew, I was confronted with a decision – hire to sustain this growth or pivot my business model. In this industry, quality is key! With a background in management, I knew I did not want to become an agency. Therefore, Kreative Solutions began focusing on branding and website projects.  When it comes to branding and design, I enjoy working with a variety of clients and am always looking for opportunities.  When it comes to digital marketing, I am more selective and tend to stick with the integrated, full package clients. This allows me to deliver timely, exceptional service to my routine clients while continuing to work on new projects.

All-in-one Branding & Marketing Solution

Even though my journey began from a marketing standpoint, over the years, I have evolved into a designer, a marketer, a developer, and a consultant. Through this evolution, I feel that I truly discovered my potential and purpose. Moreover, clients indicate this is what makes Kreative Solutions so special – you get an all-in-one branding and marketing solution for far less than the typical agency’s price!

Expanding the Team

As Kreative Solutions grows, I realized there was not enough time in the day to continue to do everything. However, I am not willing to sacrifice quality by outsourcing services like so many others do. In March 2020, Mary Jo Koslosky joined the team! Mary Jo initially took on the bookkeeping/invoicing role and continues to expand her role by becoming more and more integrated into the daily operations (i.e. quality assurance, networking, sales, project management and so much more).



Quality above all else. Kristina was a straight-A student and always keeps her standards high.


Dedicated to her clients. Goes above and beyond to deliver timely, quality services and ensure customer satisfaction.


True to herself and her clients. Kristina treats others how she wants to be treated with decency, honesty, & authenticity.


Imagine the possibilities! Kristina loves generating novel ideas, creating, educating, learning. and inspiring.

Serving Southern Wisconsin & Beyond

Based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Kreative Solutions primarily works with clients in central and southeastern Wisconsin. Being personable and taking the time to meet face-to-face helps build a trusting and collaborative relationship. The majority of the clients appreciate Kreative’s Solutions one-on-one approach and willingness to meet for coffee throughout the process. If meeting in-person is not an option, we can always connect via a phone call or video call.

With years of business experience, I recognize the importance of listening to the customer and understanding their needs, motivations, frustrations, and goals. I am not going to wow you with the technical jargon or promise the latest and greatest digital techniques. Rather, I am going to listen to you and deliver a service package the fits you and your business.

Kreative Solutions offers various service packages to accommodate the client’s preferences for involvement. Some clients want to be involved in the details, while other simply want to review the final product. Kreative Solutions believes in surrounding yourself with good people and taking the time to give back to the community and those who have supported you along the way.

At Kreative Solutions, we take a personal approach, listen to our clients, and create an integrated marketing services package. As we all know, a referral is the best way to generate new business. Let Kreative Solutions manage your website and marketing so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.



With years of business experience and education, decisions are based on your business strategy and objectives.



From teaching Stampin Up classes as a child to graphic design classes in high school, Kristina has always loved design.


As a self-taught developer, Kreative Solutions has acquired web development skills and expertise over the years.



With student instructor and tutoring experience, Kristina loves teaching others and inspiring change!

Networking Groups:

Kreative Solutions has the potential to cross state lines and work with anyone in the United States. Based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, networking and client relations are primarily centered around central and southeastern Wisconsin.

Improve Your Online Presence

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