Align Your Website with Your Brand

Through networking and business, we meet other professionals, learn about each other’s business, and exchange business cards. Before following up, most professionals reference your website as a credibility check. Your credibility diminishes when…..

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The Value of Your Brand

Branding is one of the most overlooked aspects of starting a business. When you first start a company, you start to craft the essence of your brand from the moment you choose a company name. Even if you are not trying to actively brand your…

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What Makes a Website so Expensive?

The price for a website design can vary greatly – from $500 to $10,000+. Why is there such variation? Well, every company has their own recipe. That recipe determines the overall quality of your website….

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Gauging Website Design Readiness

Are you ready to design or redesign your website? It sounds like a silly question, but it is actually a really important one. Even if a prospect has recognized their need for a new website, it does not mean they are ready for a website design or redesign…

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Authentic, Creative, & Engaging Content

It is more important than ever to share authentic and creative content that is original and engaging. If there is a disconnect between your brand identity and your content, you have already lost. Content that looks as if it was borrowed from another company dilutes the credibility and trust in your brand….

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Avoiding Facebook Fails

Not too long ago, I was sitting on an event committee and the RSVP’s weren’t quite as high as hoped. One of the committee members said, “The event needs to be posted on Facebook everyday until the event”…

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Bundling SEO with Your Website Redesign

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors who visit your website by ensuring that your website appears high on the list of search engine results. When a potential customer searches their question or problem online, you want your product or service to be the solution they find….

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WordPress is Free. Right?

WordPress is one of the three most popular open source content management systems (CMS). Even though WordPress is free and open sourced, there are costs.e you will have to upgrade. What is WordPress? A content management system is software that facilitates creating, editing, publishing, and sharing content…

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Meet Kristina Koslosky

Kristina Koslosky is a passionate web designer and digital marketing consultant. With years of experiences working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, Kristina founded Kreative Solutions to help small businesses remain competitive as technology evolves and demographics change…

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