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If you are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur or small business owner, Kreative Solutions would love to work with you and empower you to take your website and marketing strategy to the next level.

You likely have already gotten started…. You feel like you are not getting the most out of your efforts…. Or you may be unsure of whose advice to follow. All-to-often, as a business owner, we get advice from outside parties. This advice add-ups over time and at some point you may start to feel overwhelmed.  And after all, how do you know what is really worth investing your time in?

If you are in need of a professional who will listen and understand your situation, then make recommendations, you are in the right spot! At Kreative Solutions, we look at the big picture and your overall business strategy, then zoom into the details and specific tactics to get you where you want to be! After all, our roots are in business and strategy.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised at the wealth of knowledge they have to share! Let’s work together to position you as an authority in your industry, demonstrate your expertise, and ultimately build trust.

Consulting Services

Marketing Strategy

With limited resources, small business owners need to have a marketing strategy that aligns with their business goals and nurtures leads along their journey into customers. A marketing strategy enables you to be purposeful with your marketing efforts and enables you to use your resources effectively and efficiently. The marketing guide serves as a roadmap.

The marketing guide will detail:

  • Marketing Objectives: Define the goals you are trying to achieve.
  • Target Audience: Define your customer segments.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze the competition for inspiration and positioning.
  • SWOT Analysis: Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Positioning Strategy: Define your value proposition and how your brand will stand out.
  • Content Strategy: Define types of content and create a plan to develop new content.
  • Channels & Tactics: Define your channels, frequency of updates, and types of content
  • Implementation: Define roles, responsibilities, and timeline
  • Evaluation: Define metrics to monitor, frequency of reports, and timeline

To start, Kreative Solutions will ask you to complete a questionnaire to learn more about your business. Once the questionnaire is completed, Kreative Solutions will conduct preliminary company, industry, and competitive research. Then, we will meet for a 1-to-2-hour consultation to co-create your marketing guide. Kreative Solutions will then finalize the guide and send your marketing roadmap!

As an add-on, you can choose to schedule a follow-up 1-to-2-hour consultation where we dive into the details of your website and online accounts. Kreative Solutions will bring a wealth of tools and tips, while you bring your accounts and business knowledge!

Marketing Guide & Consultation $475
+ Add-On Consultation $175


Website Audit

A website is a large investment. It always helps to have tangible recommendations and data to support and reinforce the need for such an investment. Plus, you want to know what is working and what is not working on your current website. The purpose of a website audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of your website.

The website audit will evaluate your website in terms of:

  1. User experience
  2. Digital branding
  3. Conversion optimization
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Performance and technology

For each of these sections, your website will be graded on anywhere from 5-20 factors. Each factor will receive a score as proficient, developing, or incomplete. The grades will highlight your website’s strengths, areas for improvement, and weaknesses.

To help you prioritize, each of the factors receives a rating from high impact to low impact. The level of impact is based on how much the factor influences your website’s conversion and search engine rankings. It is up to you to implement and improve your website accordingly! To conclude, you will receive a 10+ page report with 5 detailed, actionable recommendations to improve your website immediately.

As an add-on, you can choose to schedule a follow-up 1-to-2-hour consultation where we dive into the details of your website page by page or post by post. We can talk through suggested improvements and maybe even make a few changes together!

Website Audit $99

+ Add-On Consultation $175

Marketing & DIY Resources

Effective Marketing Strategy: Market with a Purpose

Effective Marketing Strategy: Market with a Purpose

When it comes to marketing, everything you do should be done with a purpose. Whether it is posting on social media, creating content, or sending out an email, every marketing tactic should align and support your overall marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy integrates all of your marketing objectives and goals into one plan. Your marketing strategy is the foundation of your marketing plan.

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6-Steps to Craft Your Content Marketing Strategy

6-Steps to Craft Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that is targeted to your customers and is on-brand with the ultimate goal of driving customer action.The best thing about content marketing is it’s sustainable. Unlike advertising and other traditional methods that have a limited time span, quality content can provide a return on investment for years and years into the future.

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Be purposeful with your marketing an use your resources effectively & efficiently!