Gauging Website Design Readiness

 Are you ready to design or redesign your website? It sounds like a silly question, but it is actually a really important one. Even if you have recognized the need for a new website, it does not mean you are necessarily ready for a website design or redesign.

In every consultation, Kreative Solutions outlines the list of necessary materials. In the best interest of the project, it is essential that all materials are provided upfront. Why is this? These materials dictate the technical setup, the overall design, and the content strategy. Without all this information upfront, the website is pieced together in fragments. Many clients are surprised just how much images influence the design of the website. All information needs to be provided early on in the design process so that you can build a website that aligns with the business goals and supports the customer’s journey.

Even though the credential exchange is often easy, the show-stopping point for most website design projects is the transfer of copy and images. It is important to remember that you are the expert on your business. To create an effective website, we need to work together. The client needs to share their business knowledge and Kreative Solutions will worry about the website specifics.

What are the Necessary Materials?

If you are initiating a website design or redesign, you need to be prepared with the following:

Domain Name

The client needs to own and have access to their domain name in order to point the URL listed on your business card to your new website. This often becomes an issue when you are switching service providers. Some agencies and companies transfer your domain name to their account for “ease of management.” The legal owner of the domain is whoever’s name is registered to the domain. If you no longer legally own your domain name, the domain transfer process can delay the project.

Hosting Account or Website Access

Providing access to the current website facilitates the transfer of old content to the new website. Often, a website redesign integrates some content from the old website as well as fresh and updated content. It is essential to provide access to the account where the website will be hosted to avoid double billing or account creation. It is also essential to provide these details upfront so that potential constraints can be identified early on before they become a show stopper!

Logo & Brand Assets

If you already have a logo, you need to provide the vector file to allow for logo modifications to fit the website design. A simple modification would be making the background transparent, instead of leaving the white background behind the logo. A 500×500 .jpg file is not sufficient and will limit the design possibilities. If you have any brand standards for colors or fonts, you want to provide this information up front so that designer knows which standards to adhere to.

Social Media Platforms

Providing access to the social media platforms upfront can reduce communication and coordination later on in the process. Some integrations require the sign-in into social media profiles before integrating the profiles with the website.

Content & Copy

Content and copy for the website are often the greatest challenge for clients. It can be difficult to write about yourself much less from a marketing perspective, but it is necessary for you to overcome this challenge to effectively explain what your business does, why you do it, and how you do it.

Some clients find it beneficial to answer questions in a “Creative Brief.” This approach works well for clients who want time to process and reflect on their answers. Other clients would rather do an interview. Either way works for Kreative Solutions and will tailor your website proposal accordingly.

Kreative Solutions also requests access to promotional materials and images. Promotional materials can provide insights on the company’s branding and marketing strategy. Authentic images are invaluable! Yes, stock photography is the easy solution, but it is also overused and not unique. Authentic images that you have taken or your employees have taken will take your website to the next level.

Next Steps

If the five items listed above seem manageable, you are ready to initiate a website design! Even if you are not ready yet, give Kreative Solutions a heads up and let me know when you will be ready so that you both can plan accordingly!