Meet Kristina Koslosky

EAA Air ShowKristina Koslosky is a passionate web designer and digital marketing consultant. With years of experiences working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, Kristina founded Kreative Solutions to help small businesses remain competitive as technology evolves and demographics change. For more on her professional background, view the about page.

The Client-Contractor Fit

A successful client relationship depends on the right fit and open, honest communication. The right fit depends on not only professional credentials, but also lifestyle preferences, personality, and personal attributes. During the initial consultation, it is essential to learn about each other’s professional background and future goals, typical work schedule, habits, and lifestyles.

Work Style & Hours of Operation

As a business owner, it is essential to find a balance between work and life. With an office in the home, it is so easy to get absorbed in work and lose track of time. After a few months of pouring her heart and soul into Kreative Solutions 24/7, Kristina realized this would not be sustainable and that normal work hours enable a healthier lifestyle as well as time with friends and family.

Kreative Solutions works and corresponds during the typical business hours of Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Kristina tries to always honor her 24-hour response time and therefore aims to schedule meetings between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. With various organizational and client commitments, email is the most reliable form of communication. Emergencies and crisis situations are an exception and Kristina can always be reached via a phone call or text.


One of the greatest advantages of being a remote worker or a freelancer is the freedom. Work can take place from anywhere. Even though Kristina prefers working from home, it is always nice to get out and socialize around the Whitewater Innovation Center and nearby coworking communities.

After a typical work day when there is no networking commitment, Kristina likes to dedicate her time to investing in a healthy lifestyle and relationship. Our typical night encompasses: intellectual time, a workout at the gym, an evening salad, and decompressing while watching one of our favorite shows. With a zest for learning and the craving for new knowledge, we aim to have “intellectual time” when we read, take online courses, or study together. Summer evenings are a great time to grab a book, sit on the porch, and overlook the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

After a forty-hour work week, Kristina treasures the time on weekends with her boyfriend and family. The typical weekend is spent primarily outdoors as weather permits. You can often find Kristina and her boyfriend hiking at the local state park, reading and soaking up the sun at a nearby beach, floating down a river, picking berries at a local farm and later canning jam, or cooking together in the kitchen. The best weekends are spent as a family up north on Lake Kristine. The up north weekends are filled with grilling, kayaking, fishing and/or hunting, swimming, hiking, campfires, walks, and many other outdoor activities. Kristina also loves attending country concerts with her mother and boyfriend.

The Natural Fit

With a love for the great outdoors, health and wellness, culinary, and entrepreneurship, there is a natural fit between Kreative Solutions and many of her clients. The majority of the clients are also creatives, problem-solvers, visionaries, and risk-takers who have taken the leap to follow their heart and pursue their passion or make their dream a reality.