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Logo Design 

Kreative Solutions can help you bring your logo design concept to life and/or recreate an existing logo in vector format. 

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. Designing your logo is one of the most important decisions you make! Your logo will identify you and your business. Not only is it important to design a logo that fits your business, but also to define your brand in terms of colors and fonts so that you can keep your brand consistent over time. 

Every logo design comes along with a Logo Specifications Guide which details your color codes, fonts, file types, and appropriate use. 

Defining your brand is the first step towards achieving brand recognition. Brand recognition is a prerequisite to creating brand awareness and eventually building brand loyalty.

Not everyone can define what a brand is or what it should be. However, we all can innately sense when a brand knows who they are.


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Logo Examples

Donna Tronca Logo
The Book Teller Logo
Donna Tronca Logo
The Book Teller Logo
The Book Teller Logo
Donna Tronca Logo
Donna Tronca Logo

From a Logo to a Brand

A brand refers to a name, design, symbol, or another feature that identifies your business’ unique products and services. A brand is intangible and all about perception. It stems from who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be.

Branding is the process of translating the intangible brand into a tangible brand identity. A logo is a great starting point, but there is much more to your brand identity.

A brand identity encompasses:

  • Visual identity–  logo, colors, typography, images, etc.
  • Voice identity– tone of voice, taglines, phrasing of key messages, etc.
  • Attitude identity – values, mission, vision, company culture, personality, etc.
  • Physical identity – package design, office design, employee attire, etc.

The elements of your brand identity help distinguish your brand in consumer’s minds and promotes brand recognition. The key to being successful is consistency. It is essential that your brand is consistent across traditional and digital marketing channels. Brand identity coordination enables you to build a consistent brand.

“Kristina has a wonderful ability to identify the defining elements of a business and use them to create a great brand. The logo she created for us is not only a visual reminder of the interior and exterior of The Book Teller’s physical location, but conveys the concept of spreading the light of knowledge that one associates with books. She consistently maintained that brand throughout the website design, through her use of color, the logo, and focusing on the role of the bookstore as a community space. The site is beautiful, balanced, and engaging. Thank you, Kristina!”

Kristen Burton

Owner, The Book Teller

Branding Tips & FAQs

Clarifying Your Brand Message

Clarifying Your Brand Message

Defining your brand message is essential for great marketing. However, this is one of the hardest things to do with clients. Listing your target audiences is not enough. You need to take this a step further and get into your customer’s head.

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