An Integrated Marketing Strategy

To maximize the value of your marketing, it is essential to have an integrated approach that unites the various channels and provides a consistent brand identity.  Kreative Solutions works with small businesses and organizations to develop an integrated marketing strategy that is tailored to the customer’s journey.

An integrated approach encompasses four steps:

  1. Discovery & Strategy
  2. Design & Development
  3. Marketing & Optimization

All your marketing efforts must be strategic and on-brand. A cohesive brand is the first step towards brand awareness, eventual brand recognition, and ultimately brand loyalty. An integrated approach allows for efficient and effective marketing. Don’t do a little bit of everything without getting results. Excel at what you do and use your resources wisely.

Discovery & Strategy

Analyze your online presence, identify opportunities, and develop an understanding of your business and brand. Then, craft a strategy, create a plan of action, and a roadmap for implementation.

Design & Development

Implement plan of action – craft the brand, design the website, optimize for SEO, launch social media accounts, design promotional materials, etc.

Marketing & Optimization

Drive traffic to your website through traditional and digital marketing. Monitor key performance indicators, analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize accordingly.

Integrated Marketing Services

Branding & Graphic Design

Design your logo and brand identity to fit your business. Kreative Solutions can help with all your design needs – logos, brochures & flyers, packaging, promotional materials, signage, labels, advertisements, etc. 

Website Design

Before a prospect will pick up the phone to call your business, he/she will review your website to evaluate your company and your products/services. It is essential to have a visually-appealing and user-friendly site that customers can navigate easily.

Digital Marketing

Simply launching a website is not enough. You need search engine optimization so that prospects and customers can find your website online. Pay-per-click, email, and social media campaigns can be leveraged to target new customers and engage current customers.

What to Expect When You Work With Kreative Solutions

The best place to start is an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your motivations for reaching out,  your needs, your business goals, and your overall marketing strategy. With an understanding of your business and goals, I will tailor my recommendations to fit your business and customize the proposal to fit your budget, timeline, and preferences.

A common question is “What is your rate?” And as much as I’d like to answer that question right away, I do not feel that it is fair to do so without understanding the prospect’s needs and business goals. There are base rates for the service packages. The minimum for a website design is $1,800, but we will work together to customize the right service package for you and your business.

Prior to the website design or redesign, Kreative Solutions offers branding and logo design services as well as marketing strategy consultations. When you create a marketing plan and strategy upfront, you can design the website to support the customer journey and align with your overall business strategy.

To keep your online presence integrated and ensure a solid foundation for all your digital marketing efforts, every client relationship includes a website design or redesign.  All of our websites are responsive across devices, mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines, and tracked with analytics.

For your convenience and to promote consistency, Kreative Solutions also offers continuous website maintenance, branding and identity coordination, graphic design services, and/or digital marketing services. Following the launch of the website, it is completely up to you to determine how much continued support you need. Many small businesses and non-profits appreciate having an outsourced, all-in-one marketing service provider.

“Kristina Koslosky of Kreative Solutions, was recommended to me by a friend. I needed to rebuild and update my website. I have no experience with this process, and find it rather intimidating. Kristina soon put me at ease. She is amazing, and so easy to work with. She definitely listened to what I wanted, added her own touch, and I’m absolutely delighted with what she has produced.

Donna Tronca



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