An Online Store in a Day

Invest in a 24/7 Online Store for Your Business

Imagine overnight your business is closed for weeks and you have no way to sell your products… How will you generate revenue to keep your doors open and your employees working? 

A year ago, this seemed far-fetched. Now, in 2020, a closed business due to a global pandemic is a challenge each and every small business is facing. It is more important than ever before to have an online presence! If you haven’t taken your business online, now is the time! 

Even though you have likely identified a need for an online store for your business, there are likely a million excuses running through your mind….. I don’t have the time. I can’t afford it. I don’t know where to start. I don’t have the resources to spare. 

Kreative Solutions understands how you feel…you are already operating as nimble as possible to get through this difficult time. Plus, who knows what the future will hold? More closures or restrictions? There is just no way you can take on a huge, expensive project. 

A simple online store does not have to be scary, time-consuming, or expensive. You can start small with the basics and grow from there! Now ask yourself, “Can I spare a day and less than $1,000 to get an online store up and running so that I never have to close my doors again?


Target Customers

Retailers & Main Street Businesses

Innovators with New Products

Businesses Starting Their 1st Online Store

An Online Store in a Day Deliverables

  • A website and online store built with Squarespace and/or Wix.
  • A website with up to 5 informational pages (i.e. Home, About, Contact, etc.)
  • An online store connected to a payment processor & shipping provider
  • An ecommerce store with up to 20 products
  • A design that aligns with your brand identity
  • A responsive, mobile-friendly online store and website
  • Basic search engine optimization for Google
  • Integration with Google Analytics

$949 for an Online Store in a Day **LIMITED TIME ONLY**

5-Step Process

Get in Touch

Schedule a phone call to make sure an Online Store in a Day is the right fit for you by completing the form below.



Kreative Solutions will send you a Services Contract for your review and signature as well as an invoice.

Website Kick-Off Meeting

Schedule a virtual planning meeting to coordinate the necessary materials and outline store requirements,

Schedule the day

Schedule the day to build and launch the online store. Please note availability is limited to one day a week.

Create & Launch!

Work virtually together from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm via a Zoom meeting to outline, create, launch, and test the online store! 

Necessary Materials

Often, its easiest to exchange the necessary materials during the Website Kick-Off Meeting. Also, during the meeting, we will discuss payments/shipping and outline the product spreadsheet for the client to complete later.

  • Domain credentials
  • Wix or Squarespace credentials
  • Google account credentials
  • A logo and all brand assets (i.e. colors, fonts, etc.)
  • All relevant images
  • Founder/team bios
  • Contact information
  • Tax rates & shipping preferences
  • PayPal and/Stripe credentials
  • Completed product spreadsheet
  • Terms & Conditions policy

The necessary materials detailed above must be provided before scheduling the day for the online store creation.


An Online Store in a Day Agenda

Kreative Solutions will work virtually with the business owner or point of contact for one day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

9:00 am            Customer interview

10:00 am          Outline site structure & content plan

11:00 am           Breakout session for content creation

2:00 pm            Review of website & fine-tuning

3:00 pm            Launch of website & testing

4:00 pm            Training session

5:00 pm            Done!

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