Terms of Service

The following pages outlines the terms of use of services provided by Kreative Solutions LLC. You can also review our Privacy Policy, which outlines our practices towards handling personal information that you provide us.

Description of Services

Every project begins with a website redesign and may incorporate continuous website maintenance, digital marketing services, and/or brand identity coordination services. Kreative Solution’s website features an online portfolio of website redesigns as well as relevant profile links. Please thoroughly review the online portfolio to ensure that you are comfortable with the technology and design style. 

Project Process & Timeline

A project begins with an initial consultation where the client’s specific needs and preferences are outlined. Following the consultation, Kreative Solutions will send a customized proposal. If the proposal is approved in writing, Kreative Solutions will send the contract and invoice for the initial deposit. Once the contract has been signed, we begin to coordinate the necessary materials.

The client agrees to provide the contractor with everything needed (i.e. Necessary Materials) to complete the services. Prior to the start of the website design or redesign, all necessary materials must be coordinated and provided to Kreative Solutions. The contractor needs access to the company’s logo, brand assets, domain name, web hosting account, and google account associated with the website. The contractor also requires a signed contract and 50% of the website design service fee upfront.

Once the contract is signed, payment is received, and the necessary materials have been coordinated, the timeline for a website launch is approximately 1 month after the signing of the contract. The first two weeks will be dedicated to development. The following two weeks to feedback, revisions, and testing. Please note that the timeline may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, communication delays, scheduled vacations, holidays, etc.

Once final payment is received, the following items will be sent to the client: administrative credentials and 1-2-page maintenance guide. The client determines how to best maintain and update the website. Every client is eligible for one hour of free online training or onsite at the Whitewater University Innovation Center. Beyond the free initial hour of training, additional training can be provided for an hourly rate. The maintenance services include software updates, theme updates, plugin updates, backups, and content updates.

The website design fee accounts for 2 revisions by the client as specified in the service contract. The website design fee also accounts for a maximum of 2 client meetings after the start of the project – typically a feedback meeting during the project and a follow-up training and transfer meeting after the website launch. Additional revisions will require a change order and will be charged on an hourly basis.

Copyrighting & Content

Unless copyrighting services are agreed upon, the client is responsible for the copy (i.e. the text) that will be used on the website. If professional copyrighting services are needed, Kreative Solutions will charge a copyrighting fee based on the scope of work. The client is also responsible for any photos, images, or videos used on the website. If you need professional photo or video services, Kreative Solutions can provide referrals to a few service providers.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic on-page SEO and site-wide SEO services are included in all website packages. Kreative Solutions does not offer guaranteed results on any search engine optimization (SEO) nor does it guarantee that your website will not be penalized by search engines. Kreative Solutions follows current SEO best practices, but the search engine algorithm continues to evolve and change.

Optimization and Testing

Kreative Solutions provides basic performance testing on website by testing the latest version of browsers (i.e. Edge, Google) and testing various devices (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). Kreative Solutions aims to ensure that a user’s experience is appropriate for the capabilities of their browser and device. Kreative Solutions does not ensure functionality on outdated browsers or devices.

Communication & Hours of Operation

When we work together, timely communication and coordination is essential for a successful project. Kreative Solutions holds normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Timely communication is one of our top priorities. You can typically expect a reply with 24 hours on normal business days, but please allow for up to 48 hours on task completion and project turnarounds. An automatic reply will indicate any special situations (i.e. conferences, vacations) outside of normal business hours and/or holidays.

Email is our preferred method of communication. Scheduled meetings, phone calls, and videos are also a great option. You may call, text, or email during normal business hours. If you do not get a reply immediately, know that Kreative Solutions will be in touch. When we meet or discuss one-on-one, you receive my undivided attention. All clients are treated with the same consideration and respect.


Subscription Fees

For ease of management and maintenance, all website subscriptions and licenses will be registered under the client’s name and linked to their credit card (ex: annual subscription for hosting or website builder). If the client does not have their own hosting or CMS account, new accounts will be created and the subscriptions will be linked to the client’s credit card for future renewals and continued support. If you do not have a preferred hosting provider, Kreative Solutions will outline recommended hosting providers in the proposal.

Design & Development Fees

The design and development fees are based on the detailed description of work outlined in the proposal and the project deliverable specified in the contract. The design and development fee accounts for 2 revisions by the client as specified in the service contract. The design and development fee accounts for a maximum of 2 client meetings beyond the initial consultation. The website proposal is guaranteed for 30 days from the date listed on the proposal.

Digital Marketing, Brand Identity, and Website Maintenance Fees

Website design and redesign agreements are independent from routine website maintenance or digital marketing agreements. Following the launch of the website, both parties may choose to enter into a monthly service agreement for website maintenance, digital marketing, and/or brand identity coordination. Kreative Solutions offers various service packages. Estimates customized to one’s need and are available upon request.


Kreative Solutions prefers personal and business checks. For website redesigns, Kreative Solutions only accepts PayPal payments if the client is willing to pay the transaction fees. Please note 50% of the website service fee must be paid upfront before the start of the website project and that the other 50% of the website service fee must be paid before the exchange of credentials and training resources. For monthly retainer services, we can work on a one-on-one basis to determine the best option for both parties.

Payment Terms

Client understands the importance of paying independent contractors in a timely manner in order to maintain a positive working relationship with contractor to keep the project moving forward. Payments for each invoice delivered by contractor to client are due within 15 days of receipt. In case of overdue payments, contractor reserves the right to stop work until payment is received.

In the event an invoice is not paid on time, contractor will charge a late payment fee of 3.0% per month on any overdue and unpaid balance not in dispute. Contractor’s acceptance of such service charges does not waive its rights to any remedies for client’s breach of this Agreement. All payment obligations are non-cancelable and fees paid are non-refundable.

Expense Reimbursement

Client shall reimburse all expenses that are reasonable and that have been authorized in writing by client in advance; payable within 15 days of itemized invoice.

Terms & Termination

Either party may terminate the services at any time, with or without cause, upon 7 days written notice. Either party may also at any time terminate the contract immediately if: (i) the other party commits a breach of the contract and such party does not cure a breach within 5 days of written notice from the non-breaching party of such breach.

If the contract is terminated earlier by the client without cause, client agrees to pay contractor any and all sums which are due and payable for: (i) services provided as of the date of termination; and (ii) expenses already incurred, including those from documented non-cancelable commitments. Contractor agrees to use the best efforts to minimize such costs and expenses.

Termination for any reason shall not affect the rights granted to client by contractor hereunder. Upon termination, client shall pay to contractor all undisputed amounts due and payable. If upon termination the client has not paid undisputed fees owed for the material, deliverables or services provided by contractor as of the date of termination, client agrees not to use any such material or the product of such service, until client has paid contractor in full.


Each party shall maintain, in the strictest confidence, all Confidential Information of the other party.

Ownership, Copyright, & Credits

Upon payment of all the fees outlined in the service contract, all elements of text, photos, content, or other artwork included in the website are owned by the client. Kreative Solutions LLC assumes the client has permission from the rightful owner to use any images or design elements that are provided by client for inclusion in the website.

Kreative Solutions LLC retains the right to display graphics and other web content elements as examples of their work in their portfolio and as content features in other projects. Kreative Solutions LLC also retains the right to place their name and link at the bottom of the website.


Prior to the start of the project, both parties sign the services agreement.